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Conagen is advancing the ways natural products are manufactured with molecule-per-molecule precision and customization. We uncover the metabolic pathways of nature and engineer unique microbes by way of synthetic biology, and develop high-quality products through specialized fermentation. Our innovation is delivered to the food and beverage, flavor and fragrance, nutrition, renewable materials, and pharma markets.

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Synthetic Biology and Biological Manufacturing

Our proprietary strain development and manufacturing scale-up processes have made Conagen an accomplished synthetic biology company for producing natural ingredients via fermentation at commercial scales.

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Conagen’s bio-manufacturing capabilities bypass the inherent problems of supply chain management—technology transfer, materials procurement, shipping, and quality assurance—by keeping it in the family. Through exclusive partnerships with our affiliate companies we are fully vertically integrated from bench to world-scale, micrograms to metric tons. Our lean structure increases speed to market; our dedicated manufacturing capabilities deliver fast.

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The most valuable asset of Conagen is our people. At Conagen, we strive to provide our employees with the opportunity for career advancement, benefit packages that offer peace of mind, and the reward mechanisms that promote innovation and dedication.

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