Biosynthesis & Biomanufacturing Company.

Conagen innovates and develops synthetic biology solutions for supporting global partners across a spectrum of current and developing markets. From our proprietary strain development to fermentation and process scale-up, Conagen impacts partners’ abilities to sell and market products in the food, nutrition, flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical, and renewable materials industries.

Our bio-manufacturing capabilities, coupled with extensive platforms of enzymes and microorganisms, gives us the edge in commercial biotechnology. Nature is our inspiration for designing metabolic pathways, improving production organisms, and optimizing production processes. To scale the development of organisms for our partners, we factor in the importance of time and efficiency by leveraging our advanced laboratory robotics and automation. Our discovery and development methods foster sustainability and improve efficiency—from lab to world scale.



Many of the innovative natural products we make at Conagen are truly proprietary. They are the only ones on the market that are made by natural fermentation which means they are produced biologically and sustainably unlike most chemically synthesized products.

Plant biology ignited the spark for the creation of Conagen. Today, our bioengineering teams are experts in enzymatic bioconversion and fermentation technology. Nature is our guide for innovating ways to produce natural products and materials.  This approach gets us to market faster with better products made competitively and sustainably. 

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Scientific advisory board.

Conagen’s scientific advisory board (SAB) comprises leaders in the fields of synthetic biology, biochemistry, plant science, and microbiology, all of whom are top faculty at leading universities. The SAB works with our leadership to help us build upon the best science available to deliver the highest quality, nature-based products.

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Conagen was founded in 2010 by Dr. Oliver Yu, a noted biochemist, professor, and researcher. His expertise in metabolic engineering and synthetic biology of plants and microorganisms are published in more than 120 manuscripts and patents.

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Conagen partners with highly-recognized industry leaders, distributors, and manufacturers—many of which are blue chip companies with broad reach into global markets. Our partners are in food and beverage, flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical and veterinary, nutraceutical, vitamin and supplement, and specialty and industrial chemical markets.

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