Markets we serve.

Food Ingredients.

Natural food ingredients are always on Conagen’s menu. A walk down many supermarket aisles will find many products that contain ingredients bio-manufactured by Conagen.  Conagen has developed strains and enzymes for fermentation and bioconversion processes to sustainably produce ingredients for many foods.

We serve food manufacturers who use:

  • Meat tenderizers and meat flavorings
  • Natural food colors
  • Natural food sweeteners
  • Spices and seasonings
  • Nutritional proteins
  • Natural food preservatives

Of special importance to many of the food manufacturers we support, a majority of our fermented and specialty ingredients are certified halal, kosher, and vegan. Of additional benefit, many of Conagen’s food ingredients are bio-manufactured in a way which enable clean labels. Our processes also support more sustainable farming and production practices, since we are able to develop food ingredients through enzymology or microbiology instead of agriculture—bypassing the inherent issues related to supply chains as well.

Food ingredient manufacturing

Many of our food ingredients—from sweeteners to lactones—are made as result of enzymatic bioconversions. As such, the enzymes are simply used as an aid during our food processing but are not abundant in the end products. Our processes are carefully audited and all products are made according to food-grade GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards.

Food biotechnology

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