Markets we serve.

Nutraceuticals, vitamins, and supplements.

The nutraceuticals, vitamins, and supplements we manufacture are derived from amino acids, terpenes or lipids, and produced by advanced enzymes or microbial strains. Strain development and continuous process improvement saves our partners money, because we can easily scale up—consistently and reliably—as opposed to using expensive botanical extracts or animal extracts alone as the source materials. In fact, our vertical integration and world-scale manufacturing capabilities are among the ways Conagen stands apart from other synthetic biology companies.

Supplement and nutraceutical production the Conagen way

Using enzymes produced by fermentation, or fermentation itself, we develop processes enabling bioconversion or direct production of molecules to reproduce what is found in nature. This process of biosynthesis results in high-quality, effective, and natural vitamin and nutraceutical products suitable as either supplements or food fortifications. We can bio-manufacture these ingredients to meet our partners’ specifications and needs.

Our products are used in:

  • Brain health – sleep aids, stress reduction, support cognitive function
  • Joint health and support
  • Cardiovascular and antioxidant support
  • Liver health – protect against free radicals
  • Immune support – including a product that helps you metabolize toxins more effectively
  • Infant health – infant formula and baby foods
  • Vision health
  • Men’s health – to improve vitality, curb hair loss

Ask us about our kosher, halal, and vegan vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals.


Infant health – infant formula and baby foods

Our suite of breakthrough nutritional offerings of prebiotics and postbiotics are enabling brands to build the next generation of digestive and immune wellness. Learn more about how we are fortifying digestive health, for both infants and adults.

  • Sustainable lactoferrin
  • Non-GMO human milk oligosaccharides (2’-fucosyllactose (2′-FL)
  • Odorless/tasteless postbiotic FBA


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