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Pharmaceuticals & Veterinary.

At Conagen, our pharmaceutical development has a two-pronged focus: small-molecule, active pharmaceutical ingredients and analogs, and next-generation biologic immunotherapy and chemotherapy drugs.

Small molecule pharmaceuticals

At Conagen, we make natural product analogs for our partners in the pharmaceutical industry. Our bio-manufacturing capabilities enable us to make nature-identical, active pharmaceutical ingredients to the highest standards. Although chemical syntheses have successfully been used to make a variety of pharmaceuticals, Conagen is pushing the trend to make more and more drugs through biotech engineering processes. Conagen has developed products that are used as anti-coagulants, anti-emetics, and precursors to chemotherapeutics.

Biologic pharmaceuticals

Keeping pace with advances in medicine requires expertise in advanced synthetic biology and biopharma development. To that end, Conagen’s scientists are working on making improved monoclonal antibodies for direct use as either immunotherapeutics or drug conjugates for use as chemotherapy agents. Conagen has unique technology for “humanizing” the glycans of antibodies to reduce undesirable immune responses and to promote more desirable, cancer-fighting effects.


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