Markets we serve.

Specialty and Industrial Chemicals.

Our capabilities for manufacturing green specialty chemicals include biopesticide research and development, bioplastic design and manufacturing, biopolymer and other biomaterial synthesis. What does all this mean?

At Conagen, it means many things, including all-natural detergents and industrial cleaners derived from biodegradable sources. Through our natural biomaterial design, synthesis, and manufacturing, we offer a sustainable alternative to harsh and harmful chemicals, using microbial bio-surfactants; these glycolipid compounds are essential ingredients in eco-friendly, non-irritating cleaners and shampoos within the green specialty chemicals market.

You may find Conagen green chemical products in:

  • Bioplastics and biopolymers for use in plastic packaging and textiles – the manufacturing of these green specialty chemicals from renewable biomass sources avoids the use of petrochemicals which are harmful to the environment
  • Biochemical pesticides that are made with natural products such as citronella, produced with microbial strains derived from plants
  • Emollients for personal care products, like humectants and occlusives for skin care – these are created from microbial strains derived from plants that balance nature with cutting-edge technology

Conagen is driven by a desire to push the potential of synthetic biology to achieve the best practices of environmental stewardship.

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