Conagen and Blue California Join Together to Commercialize Clean-label Healthy Aging NMN

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. (July 20, 2021) — Blue California joins with the innovative Massachusetts-based biotech company Conagen to announce the commercialization of high-purity, fermentation-derived nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). A natural metabolic component which has caught the attention of health-conscious consumers for supporting energy and longevity.


The quest to age healthily and support longevity is surging among health-conscious consumers. “Consumers are reassessing their dietary regimen to make room for ingredients that can support an increased healthspan,” said Chief Science Officer at Blue California, Dr. Priscilla Samuel.


NMN supplements are highly sought-after for healthy aging applications, including brain health, vitality, heart health, metabolic health, and even cosmetics. However, current NMN ingredients used in products on the market are mostly produced by chemical synthesis.


While consumers are exploring dietary supplements for a holistic approach to health, they are also demanding clean labels from their supplements, and moving away from synthetic ingredients. Blue California’s fermentation-derived NMN opens new opportunities for producers to consider consumers’ health more holistically while acquiring a closer-to-nature position.


NMN serves as a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme present in all living cells and critical for mitochondrial function.


Increased intracellular levels of NAD+ boost energy production and improve cellular health, but levels decline dramatically with age. Replenishing NAD+ in the body with its precursor NMN is considered a major strategy to combat age-related degeneration and increase healthy lifespan.

“Our fermentation-derived offering is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing recognition of NMN as an important ingredient in the food and supplement spaces,” said Samuel. “NMN is a well-known molecule in the longevity research community, and emerging research also suggests potential applications for immune health as well as sports nutrition.”


Harvard professor David Sinclair, a well-recognized leader in the field of aging research, is an advocate of NMN for improving the health of aging populations.


As innovation in dietary supplemental nutrition advances, so does the growth of global vitamin, mineral and supplement (VMS) launches. Mintel reported a growth of 67% of global VMS launches in Apr 2020 – Mar 2021, as compared to Apr 2016 – Mar 2017 — the United States leads the VMS market.


“NMN is a logical extension to our line of “longevity ingredients” which includes ergothioneine and pyrroloquinoline quinone. All of these molecules are made by our own proprietary fermentation processes, enabling our customers to better serve consumers who might reject artificial ingredients,” said VP of Innovation at Conagen, Dr. Casey Lippmeier. “Because of the way we make it, Conagen’s NMN is of the highest purity and quality.  It is also very cost-effective and compatible with clean-label trends, all of which demonstrates our strength as a strategic partner with Blue California.”