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Natural and bio-based products are used in a spectrum of industries such as foods and fragrances, medical and veterinary products, nutraceuticals, bio-plastics, and more.

To manufacture natural products, we first must identify how plants and animals make these molecules. This information advances our engineers who develop new strains or bioconversion processes to biosynthesize desired natural products and proceeds to our large-scale production facilities. The resulting bioproducts are then purified and prepared for distribution to our customers and partners worldwide who use them in the familiar brands consumers enjoy every day.

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amino acids


Conagen produces custom amino acids for food industries. Many important pharmaceutical compounds, flavors, and industrial polymers are derived from these as well. Our fermented amino acids and derived compounds are widely used in nutritional products such as protein powders and infant formula.



Lipids are fats and oils. While vegetable oils from plant seeds or animal fats like butter are familiar commodities, they serve as precursors to more exotic molecules such as those that make fish a healthy meal and those that give a rose its aroma. Conagen’s lipid production technologies encompass both lipid biosynthesis and lipid bioconversion.



Conagen manufactures a number of phenolics and flavonoids. Our platforms for biosynthesis of these molecular classes can be adapted to make many individual natural products. Flavonoids are biosynthesized by plants and fungi as secondary metabolites, and comprise a diverse group of phytonutrients.



Terpenoids are one of the most diverse secondary metabolite classes found in nature; in fact, about 60% of known natural substances are terpenoids. They are also a most important source of new natural products.

conagen polysaccharides


Oligosaccharides are short chains of sugars strung together to make molecules with new functions. Polysaccharides are simply larger chains of sugars than oligosaccharides. Unlike normal table sugar, these kinds of long saccharide chains are often not digestible and so they can be used in novel ways without being a source of calories.