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Custom Amino Acids & Derived Compounds.

Conagen produces custom amino acids for food industries. Many important pharmaceutical compounds, flavors, and industrial polymers are derived from these as well. Our fermented amino acids and derived compounds are widely used in nutritional products such as protein powders and infant formula. In the nutraceutical and the pharmaceutical markets, amino acids and their derivatives are vital components in healthy aging products.  One such exemplary component includes ergothioneine, a sulfur-containing amino acid that functions as a super-antioxidant.

Amino acid manufacturing: L-ergothioneine

L-ergothioneine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in very small quantities in plants: mushrooms, oats, garlic, and some varieties of beans; and in liver and kidneys of animals. It was recently discovered that mammals have a ubiquitous and specific transporter for L-ergothioneine and it is one of the only anti-oxidants found in mitochondria, suggesting an important physiological role for this amino acid as a hedge against oxidative stress.  Because ergothioneine can not be produced in the body, it must be obtained from the diet or as a dietary supplement. A growing body of research has found that its targeted antioxidant properties may help support healthy aging and mitigate the chronic inflammation caused by oxidative stress.

Conagen’s science team has developed a process to produce the natural form of L-ergothioneine through fermentation, which, as opposed to chemical synthesis, delivers cost-efficiency and sustained availability of this amino acid. In fact, we were the first to produce L-ergothioneine via fermentation.

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