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Terpenoids and carotenoids.

Terpenoids are one of the most diverse secondary metabolite classes found in nature; in fact, about 60% of known natural substances are terpenoids. They are also a most important source of new natural products. Terpenoids are prized for their aromatic and flavor qualities and many are used in traditional herbal remedies. Among the more well-known are camphor, citral, menthol, cannabinoids, biloablide, and curcuminoids. Animal and plant steroids are a class of terpenoids that include cholesterol, estrogen, and testosterone. Terpenoid compounds give violets and roses their scents, and are found in turpentine and rubber.

Carotenoids—or tetraterpenoids—are yellow, orange, and red organic pigments produced by plants, algae, and several bacteria and fungi. Within the carotenoid group are more than 600 known natural structural variants. Beta carotene, canaxanthin, and astaxanthin give fruits and vegetables, shellfish and salmon their color.

Conagen has developed one of the most high-yielding fermentation platforms for producing sesquiterpenes, diterpenes, triterpenes, carotenoids, and related derivatives. By reconstructing these metabolic pathways, Conagen has made a range of important bio-products including natural pigments, functional ingredients, nutritional supplements, natural food flavorings, and fragrances. Our expertise with terpenoid and carotenoid biosynthesis generates products used in fragrances, as natural food flavorants, in medicines, and as natural food, supplement and cosmetic colorants.

terpenoids and carotenoids

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